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Protectron aims to provide the best people for the job, the reason we devote extensive time and resources to hiring the right people, training them, and striving to ensure they are the right fit for client’s needs.

Below are some of the measures we take to give our clients consistent and reliable services:

• Recruitment process: Protectron HR department implements customized strategy to measure effectiveness of recruitment actions in order to meet client’s requirements.

• Hiring Process: Protectron comprehensive hiring process is designed to screen applicants in the most time effective manner without jeopardizing quality standards.

• Employee Development: Protectron high employee retention rates and satisfaction levels are attained through commitment to developing the careers of our officers and staff.

• Training Program: Our example of an ongoing Protectron communication and training program is the Excellence in service program by which company and client related topics are delivered to officers through discussion guidelines, job description, and directive books.