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Management: In order to provide best services, Protectron has established a strong management structure. Our management has many years of experience in all the disciplines of security as well as VIP protection.
Any operational problem is handled immediately by the management body and is investigated promptly to receive immediate feedback. There is always a managerial body which is 24 hours a day on duty, available to visit the sites on regular basis.

Secretarial: Protectron secretarial body is an important official who ensures that the best management practices and work ethics are followed. Their mission is to prepare daily reports and circulate it to the involved managers, collect regularly all Security Department correspondence, maintain an efficient filing system of personnel data and many others administrative duties that lead to an organized and well planned work.

Guard: Protectron provides uniformed security guards, who are skillfully selected by our HR department. Our guards are visited and checked by our patrols at least three times per day at irregular and unspecified times particularly during the silent hours weekend and holiday periods.

Patrol: Protectron patrol officers make regular visits to the sites in order to ensure that the guards are performing properly their tasks and provide them with assistance in case they need it. Mobile patrols controlled by GPRS system; moreover, our patrols are backed up by a 24 hour Operations Room ready to offer assistance at any time to our clients as well as our guards.

Operation Department: The main role of Protectron operation department is to manage all security guards issues and coordinate with personnel assigned during emergency. They set up training program to all guards and arrange refresher courses after six months and provide security guideline with the approval of client management.